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Delafruit's R&D&I department

Delafruit's R&D&I department, based in our facilities, is composed by more than twenty people with technical profiles that include nutritionists, food technologists, engineers, biochemists, and biotechnologists. They are responsible for bringing all our products to life in collaboration with our customers.

In addition to the development, certification, and documentation of each recipe, we actively promote the research and development of healthy, nutritious, and great tasting products, offering novelties, trends and innodays in our facilities leading of innovation and transmit this experience to our customers.

Another of our main mainstays is our involvement in research projects at national and European level. The projects department is also in charge of submitting plans in strategic areas of work for the company (health, sustainability, technology, etc.) to competitive public tenders, which give us contacts with research centres, universities, public organisations, and other companies in the same area.

We can proudly say that the R&D&I department is the heart of Delafruit and the achievement and execution of projects; the challenges of our customers together with the daily activity show the technical and innovative capacity of our team.


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