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Delafruit, among the 100 best companies to work for in Spain

Delafruit has been selected as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Spain, according to the ranking carried out by Actualidad Económica, the economic supplement of the newspaper El Mundo. The company has been ranked 45th after an exhaustive assessment carried out by independent consultants and experts in the field of human resources.

The leading healthy food company has achieved this recognition thanks to the different Human Resources policies it has implemented over the last few years. Among these decisions, those related to the work-life balance of its employees stand out, such as, for example, flexible start times and the bus service provided by the company, among other actions.

All of this is combined with a commitment to the B Corp movement and all that it entails, starting with the impact of social and environmental sustainability on the workforce. For example, the company calculates the corporate carbon footprint in order to improve its impact, as well as participating in various R&D&I projects at national and international level to improve environmental management.

In addition, as part of its activity as co-packers, Delafruit has developed a project supported by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the waste agency for the development of mono-material packaging. Solar panels have also been installed throughout the plant to obtain green energy.


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