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Delafruit joins to the CBPC

Delafruit in its commitment to continue contributing to the Best Practices, has adhered to the agreement of the Code of Good Commercial Practices in the food chain of Catalonia.

This is an initiative of the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, where it is the precursor and coordinates the meetings between the agents of the food chain: production, industry, and food distribution.

The objectives of the CBPC agreement are:

  • Improving relations between the different types of operators along the entire value chain.

  • Improvement of transparency, agility, and efficiency in commercial relations.

  • Improving the information and perception that consumers receive about agri-food products and the functioning of the sector.

  • Enhance the value of quality agri-food products, with greater food safety, more sustainable and more respectful of animal welfare.

  • To improve marketing, growth, and market orientation.

  • Improve efficiency and technological development.

  • To promote channels that favour the commercialisation of local production.

  • Improve the market orientation of the whole value chain.

  • Putting in place instruments to communicate and resolve conflicts between companies and all types of operators.

Adherence to the CBPC agreement means committing to:

  • Improving business practices

  • Improving consumer perception

  • Improving marketing, growth, and market orientation

  • Improve efficiency and technological development

  • Implementing, interpreting, and monitoring the Agreement.

You can find more information on the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya (text in catalan)


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