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What is organic food?

Organic food is food that is produced through organic farming using natural substances and processes that are beneficial to the consumer and the environment.

Benefits of organic food

Benefits for people

Organic products are highly nutritious, containing higher proportions of vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, natural sugars, and minerals.

The flavour, colour and aroma are also more intense as the methods used in their production are natural and do not alter their nutritional quality.

Benefits for the environment

Organic farming tends to have a limited environmental impact, as it promotes:

  • Responsible use of energy and natural resources.

  • Maintenance of biodiversity.

  • Preservation of regional ecological balances.

  • Improvement of soil fertility.

  • Maintenance of water quality.

In addition, organic farming standards pursue a high level of animal welfare and require farmers to respect specific animal behavioural habits.

Future plan on the benefits of consuming organic products

By producing high quality food with low environmental impact, the consumption of organic products will play a key role in the development of a sustainable food system.

A sustainable food system that is at the heart of the European Green Pact. Under the Green Deal's Farm to Fork strategy, the European Commission has set a target of "at least 25% of EU agricultural land devoted to organic farming and a significant increase in organic aquaculture by 2030".

Organic Action Plan

The action plan is divided into three interrelated axes reflecting the structure of the food supply chain and the sustainability objectives of the Green Deal.

Axis 1: Stimulating demand and securing consumer confidence.

Axis 2: stimulating conversion and strengthening the whole value chain.

Axis 3: organic products leading by example: improving the contribution of organic agriculture to environmental sustainability.

The three axes will be supported by 23 actions, continuing some of the successful actions of 2014-20, as well as introducing a number of new actions and mobilising different sources of funding.

Excellence along the organic value chain, rewarding the best and most innovative actors in organic production in the EU.

Delafruit's commitment

At Delafruit we operate in the food sector by basing our efforts on achieving an optimal relationship between healthy food and the use of sustainable and efficient resources.

Consequently, the company's objective is to give value to products, materials, and natural resources for as long as possible and to minimise the company's impact on the natural environment; as well as working to integrate as much as possible with the environment through new technologies.

Regarding organic products, in Delafruit we have the CCPAE certification that allows us to process, pack and distribute organic products with all the guarantees. In this context, we have more than 400 certified organic ingredients to offer our customers and a vertically integrated citrus fruit plant where we process the fresh raw material.

One of our outstanding products is Cold Pressed orange juice, of which we can highlight that 100% of the organic raw material is of national and local origin.

We also have a range of organic, healthy and nutritious products, designed for the different stages of growth and the benefit of the people who consume them.

All these products are available in pouch, cub and bottle format, ideal for consumption at any time and place, without losing any of their benefits.

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